Learn More About Corporate Team Building

If it is an unforgettable experience then your staff will feel rewarded and appreciated  

Experience immediate results

Set Targets and Improve Performance
Your staff will be motivated to achieve and exceed their goals when you provide them with exceptional corporate incentives such as exclusive spa days at top UK spas and unbeatable driving days worth telling all their friends about.

Strive for Excellence and Inspire Your Employees
Encourage your staff to strive for excellence when you reward them with a little ‘thank you' and a ‘job well done!' They'll be thrilled to receive something they can actually experience for themselves, and you can guarantee that they'll have a great time and tell all their friends.

Amazing Team-Building Activities
Inspire your team and create a cohesive unit that operates together to successfully and consistently achieve their operational targets and sales-driven goals. Forge new bonds with your staff based on communication and trust whilst enjoying some of the unique and innovative corporate team building fun days from Tellallmyfriends.

Reward staff with terrific team-building activities

Enjoy a fun-filled day with Polo Team Building Activities and learn all the ins and outs of this great sport. Polo may look like a challenge, but it is more accessible than ever before with a tailored introductory lesson leaving you confident with the rules and happy astride a horse holding a long mallet!

If you're looking for a fun water adventure that can be enjoyed all year round then experience the fast-paced action of White Water Rafting. Each team will be able to navigate a raft through the thrilling twists and turns of the rapids, learning important team trust and bonding as well as effective strategic planning and communication strategies. Besides, it's heaps of fun too!

Another unique corporate fun day is team cooking lessons where each and every staff member will learn how to handle the heat in the kitchen! Experience fast-paced cooking techniques that are quick, easy and fun to learn and then put them to the test as you learn to whip up sensational dishes in time for lunch. This is a great way to inspire team cohesion ... and everyone can enjoy their delicious dishes as they sit down and reap the benefits of their hard work!

Take your team to new heights with a sensational abseiling multi-cliff adventure! They'll have to navigate the rocky cliffs and ledges of the rough abseiling terrain and soar over the spectacular views of Cornwall's natural beauty. There are even some crazy obstacle courses and loads of fun activities to keep everyone entertained. This is the perfect way to forge new bonds and create a friendly, competitive team bonding spirit!

Whether you want to reward your employees for a job well done, welcome a new staff member to your team, or even just forge stronger bonds of communication and trust ... Tellallmyfriends Corporate has the perfect corporate incentive solution for you!
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