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  • 1000 gift experiences on site from cliff-abseiling to pop star singing sessions to makeovers
  • 100 supplier experiences are brought to life online with bespoke Tellallmyfriends.com videos
  • Top selling Christmas gifts are Makeovers and Photoshoots, Cupcake Classes, Driving Day Experiences and Spa Days
  • Each Tellallmyfriends.com video runs for three and a half minutes with the opportunity to click and purchase at any time within the video
  • Tellallmyfriends.com videos can be embedded across social media so gifts can be bought direct from within the video on these platforms
  • Average spend time on site is 15 minutes (3 minutes is average on e-commerce site)

Grant My Wish

  • First group gifting app in the UK via mobile for iPhone and Android
  • Easy mobile express checkout via PayPal
  • 100 supplier experiences are brought to life online with bespoke Tellallmyfriends.com videos
  • 100% Free to download from the App Store and Android Market
  • Free birthday and wish list reminder integrated with personalised reminder messages
  • Facebook and address book synchronisation

For more information, please call or email:
Charlotte Merryfield - charlotte@10yetis.co.uk | 01452 348 211 | 07824 832 697

Join the exciting world of video commerce and become a Tellallmyfriends affiliate! We offer original content, competitive incentives, bonus rewards and competitions for our affiliates so there are loads of opportunities for you to watch it, love it, buy it and experience great returns.

Christmas Commission
Now 14%
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What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program lets you add links to Tellallmyfriends through advertisements which you post on your website. You can choose exactly what you want to showcase from our extensive resources of colourful banners, adverts, text links, and our famous video ads! Then, when someone clicks on the link from your website, you can earn up to 12% of the sale and compete for amazing prizes and rewards at the same time.

Why join?

It's fun, easy and free to join the Tellallmyfriends affiliate program and you get heaps of great rewards for adding our content to your website. Compete for our monthly affiliate prizes, get cash bonuses, and add up the incentives to make it really worth your while.

Competitive Commission Incentives

Tellallmyfriends offers highly competitive commission incentives which give you 10% of the total sale for all sales that you direct our way. If you're one of our super affiliates and you sell more than  2,500 worth of products, we'll bump your incentives up to 12% so that you get even more rewards for your hard work.

Statistics Our V-Buy Video Commerce Standard Ecommerce Sites
Average Bounce Rate (Number of people leaving the site as soon as they land on the page) 39% 55%
Average Time on Site 4:45 minutes 1.5 minutes
Average Page Views 5.08 Pages 2 Pages
Average Basket Adds 13.20% of traffic 10% of traffic
Average Basket - Checkout 40% of Average Basket add 40% of Average Basket add
Actual Sales 56% of Checkout to actual sales 56% of Checkout to actual sales
Average Sales Conversion Rates 3% - 4% Conversion rate 2% Conversion rate
Average Order value £65 £65

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If you have any queries please don't hesitate to call us on 0207 510 9550, or send us an email at info@tellallmyfriends.com.

As video commerce pioneers, Keji and Daniel have developed their own video commerce platform called "V-BUY". V-BUY means buyer-informed video commerce. V-BUY facilitates the buying process by giving online an informed decision when buying gift experiences for their friends and loved ones. Using bespoke Tellallmyfriends video production, which can be streamed with non-stop interruption across multiple platforms, customers can now trust the experience and make the right decision when buying an unforgettable gift experience day for their friends and loved ones.

The software also supports "Click to Buy" technology within the videos, enabling a direct purchase by clicking on the "BUY NOW" button in the video being watched. The "Buy Now" button makes a subtle vibration without affecting the users' buying experience while gaining attention with the call to action.
This button can also be easily customised with a short message for a unique call to action which inspires customer interaction. This is the ideal way to promote your products whilst ensuring substantial click-through rates!

Furthermore, the Tellallmyfriends V-BUY technology also has integrated social network sharing and inbuilt video streaming capabilities. This functionality enables a customer to share an experience video of interest with their friends and loved ones through their preferred social network. What this means is that our customers can now watch the video with friends, comment, discuss and plan their experience days together and make group without actually coming to the Tellallmyfriends website.

You can now stream your favourite experience day videos across multiple platforms and web portals such as mobile smart phones, blogs and affiliate websites! You can even feature the unique video content on your favourite social-networking sites like Facebook so that you can fshare good times with friends! V-BUY streamlines video-commerce technology with ease-of-use across all platforms and networking applications to ensure that you always get to Watch It... Love it... Experience it for yourself, any time, any place.
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Tellallmyfriends delivers unforgettable gift experiences people will love to give and receive.

With more than 1000 gift experiences, ranging from makeovers and spa days to learning how to make sushi or bake perfect cupcakes, to driving the ultimate supercars such as the Lamborghini Gallardo, Tellallmyfriends offers gifts for every budget with prices ranging from £9.99 to £1000.

The brainchild of entrepreneurs Keji Giwa and Daniel Agoye, Tellallmyfriends is the UK's first buyer-informed video commerce website which uses V-BUY Technology, the integrated high-quality definition video platform. Tellallmyfriends produces bespoke video content, using its own presenters, to showcase its products so that customers can see exactly what the experience involves which allows them to make an informed decision before making their purchase.


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