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Spoil your tastebuds with gorgeous gourmet chocolate and cupcake classes, dining out deals, or traditional afternoon tea with these great gift day experiences.
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 Chocolate Making
From Only £47.00
 Theatre and Dinner
From Only £65.00
 Cookery Classes
From Only £49.00
 Dining Out
From Only £39.00
 Afternoon Tea
From Only £25.00
 Cocktail Classes
From Only £65.00


Give them a gourmet gift experience for every special occasion


We believe that good food is equivalent to good times, and snacking endlessly on fast food isn’t likely to excite when you have a gorgeous array of gourmet food experiences including cookery classes, chocolate classes, gourmet schools and more. Since we’re all about experiencing the very best that life has to offer, we’re handing you a silver platter, piled high with gastronomic exploits, from the strange to the sultry. Learn to cook, or simply savour what’s on offer, our gourmet section is sure to make your mouth water.


With so many food experiences to choose from, there's something for everybody


Teach a man to fish...well you get the picture… Seafood Master Classes for the gourmet foodie! Plating up a dish you’ve created yourself is especially gratifying, and of course, terribly impressive. We’ve lined up an unbelievable assortment of gourmet experiences, geared toward getting girls to learn how to fashion their favourite foodstuffs, and guys to acquire an undoubtedly dashing talent. Cupcake courses and chocolate making courses will see to it that once you’ve got the know-how, you’re faced with an endless source of temptation – from beginner bakers to expert icers. A full-day cooking course for 2 and sushi workshops provide the aspiring chef with delicious, exotic and healthy meal options, and master class sessions with prominent gourmets will have you quickly gaining confidence in everything from Italian fare to seafood.


Fine dining for the culinary elite with gourmet dining vouchers


Gnawing on the fruits of one’s labours is all fine and well, but for those more inclined to dine than chop veggies, we’ve got an exceptional range of unique and exciting gourmet dining experience vouchers! Enjoy the scenery as you savour treat after treat with an Afternoon Tea package, or dine in style with a 3 course dinner for 2 at the Marriott. You can even get a bit medieval if you please, with a thoroughly fantastic historic banquet on offer!


If the sages are to be believed, and you are indeed what you eat, then all the more reason to sink your teeth into the most scrumptious cuisine available with a gourmet experience voucher. When it comes to one’s victuals, don’t settle for less. You deserve it!



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