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Join the exciting world of video commerce and become a Tellallmyfriends affiliate! We offer original content, competitive incentives, bonus rewards and competitions for our affiliates so there are loads of opportunities for you to watch it, love it and experience great returns.

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What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program lets you add links to Tellallmyfriends through advertisements which you post on your website. You can choose exactly what you want to showcase from our extensive resources of colourful banners, adverts, text links, and our famous video ads! Then, when someone clicks on the link from your website, you can earn up to 12% of the sale and compete for amazing prizes and rewards at the same time.

Why join?

It's fun, easy and free to join the Tellallmyfriends affiliate program and you get heaps of great rewards for adding our content to your website. Compete for our monthly affiliate prizes, get cash bonuses, and add up the incentives to make it really worth your while.

Competitive Commission Incentives

Tellallmyfriends offers highly competitive commission incentives which give you 10% of the total sale for all sales that you direct our way. If you're one of our super affiliates and you sell more than  2,500 worth of products, we'll bump your incentives up to 12% so that you get even more rewards for your hard work.

Statistics Our V-Buy Video Commerce Standard Ecommerce Sites
Average Bounce Rate (Number of people leaving the site as soon as they land on the page) 39% 55%
Average Time on Site 4:45 minutes 1.5 minutes
Average Page Views 5.08 Pages 2 Pages
Average Basket Adds 13.20% of traffic 10% of traffic
Average Basket - Checkout 40% of Average Basket add 40% of Average Basket add
Actual Sales 56% of Checkout to actual sales 56% of Checkout to actual sales
Average Sales Conversion Rates 3% - 4% Conversion rate 2% Conversion rate
Average Order value £90 £65

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